The FreePower™

Full surface freedom

FreePower™ brings freedom to the wireless charging experience. A device placed anywhere on the surface will receive intuitive wireless power. Traditional wireless chargers have a small Sweet Spot in the center of the pad. If a device isn't perfectly aligned, it won't charge.

FreePower™ solves this with its foundationally different wireless power coil matrix, making the wireless charging experience what it was always meant to be - completely effortless and truly convenient.

Precision Power Delivery

When chargeable devices are placed on the FreePower™ surface, patented circuitry and propietary algorithms rapidly find and track the device. Sweet Spots are then dynamically activated to deliver power.

As more devices are placed on the FreePower™ surface, additional Sweet Spots are formed, allowing everything to charge simultaneously. If a charging device is moved across the surface, the Sweet Spot follows, providing a fluid and natural charging experience.

Intelligent Multi-device charging

FreePower™ can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Through individualized device communication protocols and intelligent power management, each Sweet Spot delivers the exact amount of power needed to optimze the charge for each connected device.

For example, an iPhone might need more power to charge efficiently, while the AirPods next to it might require a lot less. If the device is Qi enabled to receive wireless power, it'll charge.

Compatible with
Apple, Samsung,
Google, and More

FreePower™ is based on the Qi Standard. The Qi Standard (pronounced “Chee”) is a globally adopted wireless charging protocol that brings compatibility to all major devices including those made by Apple, Samsung, Google, and Huawei.

Not only does this make every major smartphone compatible, but more importantly, it makes the technology safe for you and your devices.


iPhone 11iPhone 11 ProiPhone 11 Pro MaxiPhone XiPhone XSiPhone XS MaxiPhone XRiPhone 8iPhone 8 Plus
AirPods 2(with wirelesscharging case)


Galaxy S10Galaxy S10+Galaxy S10eGalaxy S9Galaxy S9+Galaxy S8Galaxy S8+Galaxy S7Galaxy S7+
Note 10+Note 10Note 9Note S9Note S9+Note 8Note S8Note S8+Samsung Buds


Google Pixel 3Google Pixel 3 XL


Huawei P30 ProHuawei Mate 20 Pro

Want Aira FreePower™

wireless charging

After two years of technology development, we're launching FreePower™ in partnership with Nomad, it’s time to bring this next-level wireless charging technology to the world. We’re excited to announce the Nomad Base Station Pro with FreePower™ will arrive late 2019. Stay in the know with sneak peeks, special announcements, and exciting news on this revolutionary technology.

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