Frequently Asked Questions

FreePower is a free-position wireless charging platform created by Aira. FreePower is a combination of proprietary hardware and software protected by 30 patent assets. We design, engineer, and supply FreePower modules to our partners to integrate into their product lines. Our goal is to have FreePower available in a variety of consumer products, surfaces, and vehicles, creating a world where wireless charging is elegant, effortless, and everywhere. Learn more about our vision

Aira is not a consumer brand, so we do not sell wireless chargers directly. We are a technology supplier that engineers FreePower technology, our proprietary free-position wireless charging platform. We partner with OEM’s and brands to bring our tech to market by integrating with their products. So, while we don’t sell Aira-branded chargers, you can still purchase Aira products through our collaborators. Our first partner, Nomad, is now shipping Base Station Pro with FreePower. Visit Nomad’s website to learn more

As a technology supplier and creator, we form many different types of partnerships. We design, engineer, and manufacture the full technology stack, so we can really do it all. Depending on the expertise of our partners and their supply chain, there are different levels of partnerships all of which are unique. If you’re interested in learning more or discussing further, please email [email protected]


Although FreePower is designed to be fully Qi compliant, it is a new technology and is still being evolved for compatibility across the ecosystem of Qi enabled devices. It currently works well with wireless charging devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google, as well as a variety of other Qi enabled devices. As we improve the technology, we will be pushing software updates to fix bugs, improve the experience, and expand the compatibility. FreePower can be easily updated by plugging into a Mac or Windows computer. Learn more about our technology

FreePower has been engineered to the highest level of safety and compliance. Although we are still in the process of verifying compatibility amongst a larger ecosystem of devices, we have not compromised on safety and have been rigorous in our safety testing. FreePower has received FCC Part 15 Class C certification.

Although we have several partnerships both unannounced and in the works, the only company shipping a FreePower product today is Nomad with their Base Station Pro. Visit Nomad’s website to learn more. If you’d like to stay informed on new partnerships as they’re announced, add your name to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

An interesting detail we’ve learned through benchmarking is that our 7.5W output charge time is comparable to (and often outperforms) other 10W+ advertised chargers. As it turns out, all wireless chargers – regardless of their stated “maximum” power – the Qi standard and the devices themselves regulate the amount of power that can be delivered. This helps control the device’s temperature. After a short time, when the charger is at or near the claimed maximum power delivery, it will reduce power and remain well below the stated maximum power (and usually below 5W!) for most of the charging session. Not to mention, Apple devices currently only charge up to 7.5W and other device manufacturers are only a few Watts above that.

Rather than adopt a “marketing technique” that references “maximum” power delivery levels that aren’t actually delivered to devices the vast majority of the time, Aira chose to use innovation and technology to achieve more consistent and efficient power delivery. Our FreePower technology employs dynamic multiple-coil power delivery and sophisticated proprietary algorithms that optimize charge times. As a result, our 7.5W module is on par with (or faster than) most other wireless chargers on the market. However, we’re always developing and improving FreePower, and we expect to release a version in 2021 that charges up to 15W.

FreePower is a technology platform that is not limited to any particular product specifications. Since we design the hardware and software that enables FreePower, we can engineer it in any size to charge any number of devices. So, while existing products shipping with FreePower (like Nomad’s Base Station Pro) can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, future FreePower products could feature many more. Learn more about our technology

Most wireless chargers have a very limited “active area” that requires precise alignment for devices to charge. This small active area leads to frustrating user experiences and dead phones. FreePower, on the other hand, makes the entire surface active so devices placed across the surface will charge. There’s no need to “align” the device or worry about whether it has been knocked out of alignment (unlike typical chargers, where you might wake up to a dead phone because you bumped your nightstand and moved the device off the active area). With FreePower, you can just drop your device on the charger without a second thought. The FreePower experience offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind, so we encourage you to try it out. Learn more about our technology

The FreePower surface is totally safe! While sitting idle, it actually uses significantly less power than the standard single coil charger. Using patented circuitry and proprietary algorithms, it rapidly finds chargeable devices. Only when a device is found will the FreePower surface activate a “sweet spot” to deliver power to that precise location. One of the coolest things about FreePower is its rapid device detection and precision power delivery. We also employ advanced foreign-object detection (FOD) to ensure that power is only delivered to chargeable devices, while keys, coins, wallets, and sunglasses are simply ignored! Learn more about our technology