Nomad's Base Station Pro

The first FreePower wireless charger has arrived.


We are partnering with brands and OEMs to deploy FreePower™.

Nomad has integrated FreePower into their flagship Base Station Pro. As the first brand to adopt our proprietary wireless charging technology, they are proudly delivering a best-in-class charging experience for their customers.

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Side view of Base Station Pro

We'll do us so that you can do you.

What we do best: hardware and software for free position wireless charging. What you do best: great products for your customers. So let’s build the best wireless chargers, together.

Flexible Specifications

Full flexibility on size, shape, and number of chargeable devices

Streamlined Integration

Collaborative mechanical design for optimized module integrations

Efficient Module Manufacturing

Through an established, cost-effective supply chain

FreePower: coming to an industry near you.

Take a Closer Look

Consumer Electronics

Integrate our modules into consumer electronic products and branded accessories

Automotive & Mobility

Automotive-grade components for aftermarket modifications, retrofit overlays, and new vehicle integrations

Furniture & Fixtures

Build sleek wireless charging surfaces for home, office, retail, food and beverage, and hospitality

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