FreePower Technology

Our proprietary wireless charging platform, featuring free position.


Freedom of position. Freedom of placement.

A standard wireless charger with small center target

Standard wireless chargers only deliver power when devices are precisely aligned with the target in the center.

Two phones charging on a FreePower charger

FreePower wireless chargers are active from corner to corner, so devices charge no matter where they’re placed.

We design, engineer and manufacture the full stack.

Aira’s full stack solution is designed for companies that want to deliver the most advanced wireless charging experiences. We engineer the coil structure, power electronics, and controlling firmware, providing a complete hardware and software module that seamlessly integrates into our partners’ products.

An elegant, no-fail charging experience has finally arrived.

Custom Controller icon

Custom Controller

Proprietary firmware engineered in-house

Multi Device Charging icon

Multi Device Charging

Optimized power delivery for each device

Full Surface Freedom icon

Full Surface Freedom

Devices placed across the surface will charge

Global Compatibility icon

Global Compatibility

Safely operating under Qi Standard guidelines

Unique Topology icon

Unique Topology

Ground up design to optimize performance

Precision Power icon

Precision Power

Dynamic magnetic field to maximize efficiency

Advanced Thermal icon

Advanced Thermal

Real-time monitoring with dynamic cooling

Firmware Updateable icon

Firmware Updateable

Future proof and improve embedded hardware

Remarkably Thin

Less than 6mm thick, making for sleek and elegant industrial design.

100+ Patent Assets

A strong portfolio of developing IP to protect our innovation and preserve your competitive advantage.

Total Flexibility

FreePower’s hardware can be engineered in any shape or size to accommodate any number of devices.

Powerful partnerships start here.

Lead the Charge

Our technology is on the cutting edge of what’s commercially viable. Make it yours, too.

Utilize Our Expertise

Work with our team of wireless power experts for best-in-class product development.

Industrial Design Freedom

Give your design team the freedom to be creative with our slim, flexible, and adaptable technology.

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Our Vision:

A world where wireless charging is elegant, effortless, and everywhere.

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